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Customer Services & Quality Standards

Customer Care Policy

This policy sets out how Golden Leaves Funeral Plans seeks to address the requirements of BSI’s Customer Service Kitemark scheme. This policy will be reviewed at scheduled management review meetings.


Golden Leaves is committed to providing the best customer service available within the funeral planning industry. Our commitment to high standards of customer care is supported by our ISO9001 registration and our commitment to the highest service standard award the BSI Customer Service Kitemark.

We work within a set of principles and values that underpin the service provision at Golden Leaves – that provides value for customers, partners, and our staff. We work collaboratively and in a collegiate manner to ensure service offerings are of a high quality and backed by sound processes and dedicated staff.

Golden Leaves Funeral plans complies with key legislation pertaining to our industry, we adopt treating customers fairly principles as integral to our delivery of funeral plans.


This policy aims to help us provide our customers with the highest standards of customer service.


The Board of Golden Leaves Funeral Plans is responsible for providing the resources needed to achieve first rate customer satisfaction.

The Managing Director – Barry Floyd approves this policy and ensures that all staff within the Company support its aims and values.

Line Managers are responsible for communicating this policy to new employees and to ensure that its contents are fully understood.


Golden Leaves aims to deliver quality products to customers with high levels of customer care. To deliver this the Company has set the values for customer care below:

  • Empathy. We will endeavour to empathise with our customers at all times
  • Care. We will show care and compassion in dealing with bereaved relatives seeking information about relatives plans
  • Professionalism. Our plans will be sold with professionalism at all time.


Golden Leaves Funeral Plans provides clear and concise information regarding our funeral plans. Information is available in hard copy / brochure format and on our corporate website which is accessible to our demographic customer base. We endeavour to ensure that our funeral plans are clearly worded with no ambiguous terminology. We aim to treat customers fairly at all times through the purchase of a plan.

We will make every effort to respond to communications from customers within timescales that we agree. On occasions we may not live up to our written procedures, customers can view our complaints procedure clearly displayed on our Golden Leaves website.

We will act in a professional and courteous manner at all times including attending appointments made with customers on time.
In addition, personal data provided by a customer will retained in accordance with our Data Protection Privacy Policy available to all to view on our website.

The Company displays its latest version of its privacy policy to align with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018. Queries regarding this can be communicated to the Quality Standards & Customer Service Manager.

We use our resources effectively and efficiently and operate in accordance with our ISO9001 registration with BSI.


This policy is approved by the Managing Director – Barry Floyd.

Date: May 2020
Version: 1

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