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At Golden Leaves, we’re dedicated to offering the best funeral plans that are tailored to your needs and requirements. We have four types of funeral packages: Copper, Zinc, Silver and Gold. This page shows the differences between them and helps you to compare funeral costs, so you can choose the right funeral for you and your family.

Golden Leaves Funeral Plan Comparison

According to SunLife’s Cost of Dying Report 2022, the average cost of a basic funeral in 2022 was £3,953, with the accompanying costs of the funeral service, wake and professional fees increasing the price to £9,200*. To protect your loved ones from the financial worry at an already difficult time, finding the best prepaid funeral plans will ensure that your wishes are followed, and your family is protected from increasing payments.

To compare funeral costs, you need to first to decide what kind of funeral you’d like. You can choose whatever type of funeral works best for you, whether it’s a simple direct cremation or something more personalised. Use the table to compare the key features of our funerals.

Compare Funeral Costs

The cost of the funeral plan that best suits your needs is one of the most important aspects of arranging your funeral. Another important thing to consider is the third-party costs, or disbursements.

Disbursements are fees that are paid for things that are outside the control of the funeral director. Examples include doctors’ charges, fees for church services and the minister, or to buy a burial plot or interment fees.  Please note that your next of kin or estate may have to pay the balance for disbursements if your chosen plan includes only a contribution and the cost of disbursements is more than this amount.

Our Copper plan guarantees only the cost of a cremation and any doctor’s fees, so there may be other costs that must be paid.

Our Zinc plan includes a contribution towards disbursements for both burials and cremations.

Our Silver and Gold plans guarantee only the cost of a cremation and ministers’ fees, so there may also be other costs that must be paid.  Silver and Gold plans include only a contribution toward disbursements if you choose a burial, so it is possible that, in this case, your estate or next of kin may need to settle the difference.

Compare Funeral Plans from Golden Leaves

  • Copper
  • Cremation
  • Burial
  • Funeral director's professional services
  • Funeral registration, documentation and certification
  • Removal from the place of death to funeral director's premises within 25 miles in normal working hours
    24 hours
    24 Hours
  • Care of deceased prior to funeral
  • Chapel of rest available for family and friends to visit
  • Customer can choose over the date and time of the funeral
  • Basic coffin
  • Standard coffin
  • High quality coffin
  • Attendance of conductor and four pallbearers on day of funeral
  • Provision of hearse for service at crematorium / cemetery
  • Provision of one limousine
  • Provision of two limousines
  • Full listing of floral tributes
  • Thank you cards
  • Bereavement counselling (where available)
  • Guaranteed cremation and doctors fees
  • Guaranteed cremation and minister fees
  • Allowance towards disbursements
  • Return of ashes via private driver (Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays)