A funeral plan can offer a real alternative to saving for your future funeral costs

What is a funeral plan?

Purchasing a funeral plan enables you to pre-plan and pre-pay your funeral service wishes in advance.

By paying for a funeral in advance, you’ll be offering peace of mind to your next of kin by lifting the financial burden, meaning they can focus on making arrangements without any unnecessary pressure.

Paying for your funeral upfront is a compassionate gesture, not to mention a practical one. It allows you to fix the cost of your funeral at today’s prices and provides you with the opportunity to be involved in the planning of your funeral, meaning your family isn’t left wondering what you’d have liked.

How do funeral plans work?

Essentially, funeral plans involve deciding on your preferences – from transport to specific wishes – in advance and agreeing upon a plan, meaning less for your family to handle later on.

Prepaid funeral plans also mean that any necessary paperwork is taken care of well in advance, lifting another potential pressure from your next of kin and offering you peace of mind.

Whether it’s your choice of music, preference for flowers, or even more specific requests, such as passages to be read at your service, agreeing on a funeral plan is a perfect way to make sure everything is planned for when the time comes.

Since funeral plans are protected against inflation, by paying for your arrangements in advance, you protect your family against any unexpected costs, which can add emotional strain at a difficult time.

So, how much are funeral plans?

How much is a funeral plan?

No two funerals are alike, but there are several common factors to any service, each with its own financial consideration.

In the UK, even a basic funeral can cost up to several thousand pounds. In fact, according to the SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2023, the funeral itself makes up the largest amount of the average cost of dying (43% of the overall cost).

According to SunLife’s research, in 2022 the average cost of dying was £9,200, of which the funeral cost £3,953. With rising prices of services and commodities – not to mention annual inflation – that amount is expected to rise even further.

At Golden Leaves, we offer a wide range of funeral plans, with monthly payment options available, putting you in control of both the cost and the arrangements of your service.

Why do we need funeral plans?

Peace of mind is a valuable thing. By planning and paying for your funeral in advance, it’s possible to protect your family from the stress and expense of arranging your funeral.

Everyone’s different, and no two people will have identical wishes for their funeral service. At Golden Leaves, we believe that you should be offered the same flexibility when it comes to paying for your funeral.

By opting for a Golden Leaves funeral plan, you’ll be able to shield your family from any unexpected costs, offering you peace of mind that the cost of your funeral won’t be an added burden at an already emotional time.

By taking care of your arrangements in advance, you’ll be assured that your wishes are understood and respected, no matter what they are.

Why pre-pay?

By paying for your funeral in advance, you lift the financial weight from your family’s shoulders, offering them the space they need to process their loss.

It also allows you to lock-in the price of your funeral, further protecting your family against unexpected or abnormal inflation.

At Golden Leaves, we offer a range of funeral plans, which can be paid direct or by manageable monthly instalments, offering you the opportunity to create your own unique plan at a fixed price.

Contact us today to learn more about our pre-pay funeral options and see which is right for you. For more information on our plans, consult our FAQs page.

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