The Golden Leaves Guarantee

The money you pay to Golden Leaves for your funeral plan (minus a £299 fee we keep for administration) is held in the Golden Leaves Trust, which manages the funds to achieve stable long-term growth. The Trust is overseen independently by a board of trustees and regulated in compliance with The Financial Services & Markets Act 2001. The fund is independently audited each year and is subject to strict actuarial reporting.

Your Golden Leaves plan covers 100% of the funeral director’s services specified in your plan. In some cases the plan will carry the Golden Leaves Third Party Fee Guarantee. When you choose our Copper plan we guarantee the complete cost of your cremation funeral will be met when the time comes. For our Copper Plus Plan we guarantee the cost of the cremation and doctors fees. Four our Silver and Gold Plans we guarantee the cost of the cremation and ministers fees.

You know you’re being looked after by a historic and trusted brand.

Since pre-paid funeral planning was introduced to the UK in 1984, Golden Leaves Ltd has been at the forefront of providers. We were founding members of The National Association for Pre-paid Funeral Plans and The Funeral Planning Authority (FPA).

We’d like you to be assured that with Golden Leaves, your arrangements are totally secure. Every funeral director appointed to provide services for a Golden Leaves Plan must first satisfy a number of stringent requirements, including a demonstration of outstanding service records in their local community. They will also preferably be affiliated with relevant accredited associations such as The National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) and/or The Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF).




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