Commission & Payments Disclosure

Trust-based Plans – retail price distribution costs and charges.

We help many thousands of customers to plan and fund their funerals. Because of economies of scale, we can sell our Plans to our customers at a rate which is usually far more cost effective than it would be for them buying from a funeral director at the time of the funeral itself. As a commercial enterprise, we have costs of doing business and promotional marketing. These costs are met by supply side economies of scale delivered by our ability to purchase funerals in bulk and are consequently absorbed into the price of our Plans.

We retain an amount from the price paid by you for your Plan to cover our marketing and sales expenses and to provide for the administrative costs of running the business for the life of each Plan. The balance is placed in the Trust in order to pay the Appointed Funeral Director and other costs of the agreed funeral.

Approximate UK Pricing Breakdown Table (figures are in GBP). From the retail price paid for your plan, approximate deductions are made as shown below

Copper Copper Plus Silver Gold
Retail Plan Price 1,499.00 2,219.00 3,769.00 4,135.00
(For the life of the plan)
299.00 299.00 299.00 299.00
Funeral provision 800.00 1,342.00 2,679.00 2,902.00
Marketing, sales
fulfilment & profit
400.00 578.00 791.00 934.00

The Trust is also authorised from time to time to make further surplus distribution payments to the company in line with the FCA’s rule FPCOB 3.2.12R, subject to professional actuarial advice and the approval of the Golden Leaves Board of Trustees. For more information on the Trust please visit


If you would like any further information, please contact Golden Leaves on 0800 85 44 48, or email us at

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