Golden Leaves International are experts in Funeral Plans for expats living in Spain, Portugal and Cyprus

Golden Leaves International Funeral Plans

Our international funeral plans are designed especially for expats living in Spain, Portugal, and Cyprus.

Organising a funeral is no easy task. There are numerous considerations to factor in, including logistics, food and drink, casket purchase, and burial grounds. A loved one’s death brings immense emotional strain to any family, and the question of financing and arrangements only exacerbates the stress.

Handling all these challenges is difficult enough in one’s normal circumstances, but having to go through it while abroad is an enormous burden.

Golden Leaves International aims to support grieving families during tumultuous times. We provide international funeral and cremation services to British people living abroad. Our expat funeral plans are designed to help you plan, design, and pay for your funeral services in advance.

Funeral Plans for Expats in Spain, Cyprus, and Portugal

In these countries, most funerals traditionally take place within 48 hours. This could put pressure on your loved ones to pay their respects and make all the arrangements in a very short timeframe.

If you haven’t already discussed your personal wishes and plans for your funeral or cremation, then this could cause additional stress for your friends and family as they try to create a service that you might have wanted.

Our funeral plans for expats in Cyrus, Spain, and Portugal provide your family with additional support from our team who will help them navigate the country’s own specific funeral system, which is different and could be more complicated than in the UK.

Here at Golden Leaves, our team will help you select international funeral and cremation services that suit you and your preferences. We will help you make the arrangements and our international funeral plans lets you pay for the essential costs in advance, so your loved ones won’t have the financial worry at short notice.

Our Range of Expat Funeral Plans

We have a wide range of funeral plans for expats in Spain, Cyprus, and Portugal. We create our funeral plans with a variety of preferences in mind. See below our range of international funeral and cremation services:

  • Direct cremation funeral plan: for those who just want a direct cremation with no service.
  • Repatriation funeral plan: designed for those who wish to be repatriated to a country other than their current country of residence.
  • Traditional funeral plan: for those who would like a traditional funeral service for cremation or burial.
  • Simple funeral plan: for those who just want a simple cremation service.

Benefits of our International Funeral Plans

What are the benefits of pre-planning with Golden Leaves International?

  • Support for your family as they deal with cultural differences between UK and European funeral arrangements.
  • No language barrier or complex red tape.
  • Dual country cover if you have a UK residential address.
  • We voluntarily adhere to the same strict regulatory restrictions to our operations in Europe as we do to all our activities in the UK, ensuring that both your expat funeral plan and your funds remain secure.
  • Peace of mind that all your international funeral plan, arrangements and costs will be paid for whenever the time comes.

    Golden Leaves International Funeral Plans

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