I want to ensure my family know my funeral plans. I want to speak to them now about making those arrangements

Starting the conversation

It’s understandable that discussing a topic such as the planning of your funeral in advance, may seem like a morbid and difficult conversation to have with the ones your love. Nevertheless, there are significant financial and emotional benefits to planning your funeral ahead of time. The majority of these benefits are experienced by the loved ones you leave behind and the knowledge that your funeral is taken care of and you won’t be a burden to your family or friends at an upsetting and difficult time is an immense comfort.

You will know those close to you well enough to understand whether a direct or indirect approach is the best way to start a conversation about such a sensitive subject. Here at Golden Leaves we understand through experience, that once you can start the conversation it is usually positive and many difficult decisions can be taken.

The direct approach

This is best for families who are frank with one another and have a pragmatic outlook. Make sure you take to pick the right time to start the discussion, but also not forcing the conversation right away. Something like: “I’ve been thinking about my own funeral, starting to plan it and pay for it in advance, so that the responsibility won’t fall on your shoulders. Can we put some time aside to discuss it?” If you need to speak to more than one person in the family, perhaps organise a family gathering and let everyone know in advance.

The indirect approach

Approaching the topic in a casual manner may be more appropriate for other families. Taking the opportunity to discuss Funeral Planning if the death of someone else is the topic of conversation, be it someone you know or someone in the news or someone on a TV show or film. Asking an open question like “would you like to be buried or cremated” and “where would you like to be buried”? This can lead easily into the conversation about planning your own funeral and the opportunity for paying in advance with a Golden Leaves plan

Which ever approach you take its possible that the conversation could be upsetting. Reassure your loved one that you wanted the conversation because you love them and don’t want them to be burdened in the future. Its best to have this conversation when you are well, but its still okay to have the conversation when you are in ill health. Holding the conversation at a time of calm, with no distractions or time restriction is important to help in making a decision about funeral planning

Making an agreement about your own funeral

After death the person who is left to arrange your funeral has no legal obligation to follow instructions you have left. There are many examples of arguments between remaining family members who disagree on the type of funeral – even between cremation and burial. If you have made advanced plans for your funeral this can be part of your legal will so there is no doubt your plans will be carried out and there is no reason for disagreement between the loved ones you’ve left behind.

Sharing your plan details

When you take a funeral plan with Golden Leaves  you will receive a set of plan documentation. This document will outline all of the specific services that are included in the plan that you have purchased. Copies of this documentation can be saved securely with your will and provided to your next of kin for ease of access.

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