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Funeral Planning Checklist

Planning or arranging a funeral can be a difficult process, with a variety of decisions to be made; from the choice between a cremation or burial, the type of coffin or the music to be played and also things to organise, dates, invites, flowers, a wake and much more. In a stressful time, with financial decisions to be made things can seem overwhelming and complicated.

Golden Leaves has over 30 years experience of planning and organising funerals and we have compiled a simple checklist of things to consider,


Choosing a Golden Leaves funeral plan will help you with all of the pre-planning and pre-arrangements required, to ensure you get the funeral that you’d like:

  • Choose a Golden Leaves Funeral plan to cover the costs and deliver your funeral service
  • The location for the service
  • Clergy or officiator
  • Observation of religious mourning period or event
  • Burial or cremation
  • The type of casket or coffin
  • The type of service
  • Hearse and number of funeral cars
  • Notification list of family, friends, groups, organisations or clubs of the funeral
  • Memorial Cards and / or Acknowledgement cards
  • Memorial Register
  • Flower arrangements
  • Photos to be displayed
  • Funeral Music, hymns and solos
  • What the deceased will wear
  • Pallbearers
  • The Scripture and who will read it
  • The eulogy and who will read it
  •  Any other readings, prayers or poems
  • Choose a cemetery, burial plot or vault, or a cremation urn
  • Headstone and stone mason
  • Memorial inscriptions

When you purchase a Golden Leaves funeral plan we will help you with the pre-planning and pre-arrangements to make sure you get the funeral that you’d like at a fixed price. When death occurs Golden Leaves will take on the burden of the arrangements leaving your family with less to organise and removing some of the financial worry at a time when they are least able to cope

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