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Golden Leaves launches nationwide TV campaign

Tv screen in a living room showing woman celebrating while karting in the forest.

We have now launched our new funeral plan TV campaign, with a 30-second advert running across 80 channels in the UK for two months!

The advert is the first in a campaign series that adopts the approach of rather than focusing on funerals and price, (like so many others in the marketplace) focusing on the joy of living life, knowing that difficult choices have been made and are now in place.

Here at Golden Leaves, we believe that purchasing a funeral plan is an essential part of later life planning and that once plans are in place, life should be lived to the full.

Barry Floyd – CEO of Golden Leaves commented:

“It was important to have a standout creative approach that didn’t just follow the current status quo. Audiences must be getting quite tired of watching the same style of direct response TV ad executions, especially as most competitor advertising takes a generic day-time television direct response format offering very little brand differentiation. With main messages focusing on what happens when you die! It was all beginning to appear rather vanilla, sombre and uninspiring.

To drive brand response, our approach was to flip the category on its head by celebrating the empowering feeling Golden Leaves customers get, when they know their families are covered by a quality pre-paid funeral plan. Instead of worrying about death and how that final funeral will be paid for, we encourage people to get on with living life to the fullest with one’s family during these golden years. So, we wanted to create something more visually engaging with a less sombre message that immediately cut through all that noise.”

You can watch the full TV ad below:

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